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2015 Footy Tipping Competition

Competition Summary

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Competition Summary

Results after scoring Round 8

Round winners:

Claridge, Tim - $10.00
McGuirk, Anthony - $10.00
THORLEY, EAN - $10.00
MacAdam, Peter - $10.00
hawke, jonathan - $10.00
Travers, David - $10.00
PRAED, Laurie - $10.00
King, Louise - $10.00

Next round's prize is: $80.00

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Top 10 Tippers
1st Gamson, Angus 51
2nd Claridge, Tim 50
2nd Edwards, Kevin 50
2nd Evans, Jessica 50
2nd Evans, Stephen 50
2nd hawke, jonathan 50
2nd jackson, michael 50
2nd Krygsman, Wayne 50
2nd Newman, Alan 50
2nd saddington, Steve 50

Bottom 10 Tippers
73rd Grounds, Paul 40
73rd Larcombe, John 40
79th Fraser, John 39
80th Ducler, Rebecca 38
81st Bruton, Aaron 37
82nd Dickinson, David 36
82nd Evans, Guy 36
82nd Wenke, Scott 36
85th thorpe, david 34
86th Brand, Adrian 31

Results for Games in Round 9
Sydney   v Carlton  
Hawthorn   v Gold Coast Suns  
Melbourne   v Port Adelaide  
W. Bulldogs   v GWS Giants  
Richmond   v Essendon  
Adelaide   v Fremantle  
Brisbane   v St. Kilda  
Collingwood   v North Melbourne  
West Coast   v Geelong  

Fixtures for Round 10
Closes Fri 5/6/2015 20:00
Fremantle   v Richmond  
Carlton   v Adelaide  
Gold Coast Suns   v Sydney  
Essendon   v Geelong  
Port Adelaide   v W. Bulldogs  
GWS Giants   v Brisbane  
North Melbourne   v West Coast  
St. Kilda   v Hawthorn  
Melbourne   v Collingwood