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2015 Footy Tipping Competition

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Competition Summary

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Next round's prize is: $80.00

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Top 10 Tippers
alexander, ken 0
Allen, Jason 0
allen, Sam 0
Brazil, Kieran 0
Brazil, Nicola 0
Bruton, Aaron 0
Bruton, Bernie 0
Bulmer, Nicole 0
Collyer, John 0

Bottom 10 Tippers
Saddington, Tom 0
Smith, Cordell 0
Ventoura, John 0
Virago, Neil 0
Ward, James 0
Ward, Yasmina 0
Whitfield, David 0
Wilson, Chris 0
Wood, Damien 0
Wood, Sean 0

Fixtures for Round 1
Closes Thu 2/4/2015 19:10
Carlton   v Richmond  
Melbourne   v Gold Coast Suns  
Sydney   v Essendon  
Brisbane   v Collingwood  
W. Bulldogs   v West Coast  
St. Kilda   v GWS Giants  
Adelaide   v North Melbourne  
Fremantle   v Port Adelaide  
Hawthorn   v Geelong